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You could recoup up to 64% of eligible employee costs, up to 42% of material costs and up to 33% of sub-contractor costs.



Learn about the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) specific policies regarding SR&ED salary and wage expenditures. Understand the eligible activities, overhead allowances, and guidelines for claiming benefits under the SR&ED tax credit.

Eligible Activities for SR&ED Salary and Wage Expenditures:

  • Planning and Designing SR&ED Projects: Understand how salary and wage expenditures related to project planning and design qualify for the SR&ED tax credit.
  • Conducting SR&ED Experiments and Tests: Explore the eligibility criteria for salary and wage expenditures incurred during the experimental and testing phases of SR&ED activities.
  • Analyzing and Interpreting SR&ED Results: Learn how expenditures for analyzing and interpreting results from SR&ED experiments are considered eligible for tax credits.
  • Preparing and Documenting SR&ED Reports: Discover the guidelines for claiming salary and wage expenditures involved in preparing and documenting SR&ED reports.

Overhead Salary and Wage Expenditures:

  • Supervision of SR&ED Staff: Understand how overhead expenditures, like supervision of SR&ED staff, can be claimed and the reasonable allocation methods applied.
  • Quality Control of SR&ED Work: Learn about claiming salary and wage expenditures related to quality control activities in the context of SR&ED projects.
  • Maintenance of SR&ED Equipment and Facilities: Explore the guidelines for including maintenance costs for SR&ED equipment and facilities in your tax credit claims.
  • Administration of SR&ED Projects: Understand how administrative salary and wage expenditures are considered for the SR&ED tax credit, following CRA’s specified rules.

Inclusion of Benefits in SR&ED Salary and Wages:

  • Allowed Benefits: Explore the benefits that can be included, such as employer contributions to benefit plans, vacation pay, sick pay, and bonuses.
  • Restrictions on Benefits: Understand the limitations, including the exclusion of personal expenses like travel and entertainment costs from SR&ED salary and wage expenditures.
  • Consult with a Tax Advisor: Ensure compliance with CRA guidelines by consulting with a qualified tax advisor. They can provide personalized guidance on claiming SR&ED salary and wage expenditures and benefits, ensuring accurate submissions and maximum tax credits for your business.


Stay informed about the CRA’s policies on SR&ED salary and wage expenditures to optimize your tax credit claims. Collaborate with a knowledgeable tax advisor to navigate the complexities and ensure compliance with all regulations.