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You could recoup up to 64% of eligible employee costs, up to 42% of material costs and up to 33% of sub-contractor costs.

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Capturing Foreign SRED Costs

While government-sponsored programs in Canada are mainly funding work done in Canada, some foreign-based work may be funded also. For example, if you have an SRED eligible project, a small percentage of your wage costs can be on account of employees outside the country. If you are claiming SRED on the traditional filing basis rather than the proxy basis, travel expenses to get you to a foreign location to attend work done there may be eligible so long as those expenses are for the needs of the project.

The Strategic Innovation Fund will recognize foreign costs to the extent that they do not exceed 15% of the total project costs.

The best thing when examining the eligibility of your costs for funding is to not make assumptions. Ask questions: contact us.

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